Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Randy's Dog Dandy's Thurs., 3/21, Palm Beach.

Huge $$$$$$ that you can win with the Largest Greyhound Racing Handle in America
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                                   PALM BEACH-MATINEE
                                   The Largest Greyhound Racing
                                   Handle in American is in your reach
                                   on each Racing day at Palm Beach.
                                   We go live at 1 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 5-6-2-7, ODD MANZANITA, Best break and rush in the Race.

5 AND 1 on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 1-2-7-6, CANADIAN REBEL, Best inside rush, 2 goes outside.

RACE 3, 8-3-4-7, TICKLE ME TIPPER, Double Grade drop, 7 goes inside.

Bet 3, 8-7-4.

RACE 4, 7-5-4-1, SUPERIOR KOTTON, Best rush for a 5th straight win.

RACE 5, 4-5-1-2, RCK JEWEL, Grade drop set-up by the 3 and 5.

RACE 6, 1-2-8-4, L'S KARLA CLOWN, Best inside rush in the Race.

RACE 7, 1-2-3-8, A STAR COOL ROXY, Grade drop, best inside rush.

Bet 3, 1-3-4.

RACE 8, 3-2-6-7, WITH DIGNITY, Best inside rush for a third win.

RACE 9, 4-5-8-3, A STAR QUIK DASH, Best rush to go 12 for 12 in the money.

THE BEST DEAL IN RACING, $2,500.00 Guarantee on the Pick 4, 4-3-6-1.

RACE 10, 3-8-6-1, SUPERIOR RIVER, Best inside rush to score a 7th win.

Pick 5, 3-6-1-4-4.

RACE 11, 6-3-7-5, MAV'S BILLABONG, Grade "A" hound drops way down to win.

RACE 12, 1-5-8-7, TURBO TED, To score a third straight win, Rader Racing.

RACE 13, 4-8-2-5, DARK MOON, Double Grade drop ready to pop for 10th win.

RACE 14, 4-7-6-8, ATASCOCITA RODEO, Best Mid Track rush for 3 straight wins.

RACE 15, 5-1-3-8, WW NOW N EVER, Grade dropper with best Mid Track rush.  

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