Monday, May 13, 2013

An Enjoyable Visit

He doesn't get back home enough, but when he does, he leaves everyone with good memories.
Randy Birch, a native of Dubuque, was back in town over the weekend. He broadcasted his Internet radio show from Dubuque Greyhound Park Saturday and Sunday.

Randy is a true greyhound supporter. He backs the tracks, and his Odd Squad shows execute a pair of actions. First, they are interactive and fun. Second, they help boost the tracks. And by boost, I’m talking handle, too.He leads shows for several greyhound tracks, and all showed better handles (basically, the money bet).A lot of that is from his entertaining shows. Interest is created and people react to it.
Besides that, he’s a nice fellow who just enjoys people. And that shows through how he connected with the fans at Dubuque during the weekend.

Catch his show at You’ll come out impressed.

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