Friday, August 30, 2013

Stan's picks for Wheeling 8/30 Afternoon & Evening

Stan’s standouts

Friday matinee, August 30

Race 2: No. 4 Kay M And M … grade dropper was able to make the lead in ‘B’ races, should steal lengths early.
Race 8: No. 5 Flesk Flyer … top grade sprinter has been breaking sharp lately in 5/16, a necessity in 3/16 races.
Race 9: No. 2 CTW Trip Wire … look for the youngster to move into contention early from the inside, has finish.
Race 10: No. 8 AMF Castillo … definitely the class of this race, could go to the front early or just off the lead.
Race 14: No. 1 KB’s Mr. Kramer … will save ground around the first turn, pick up most of the front speed late.

Stan’s standouts

Friday eveningAugust 30

Race 2: No. 8 Cry Annabeth … midtrack racer should have a clean run to the turn and get in contention early.
Race 7: No. 8 JSK Dudley … look for the wide runner to break off the pace, close for part of the trifecta ticket.
Race 8: No. 8 WW’s Tap Water … double grade dropper has top class wins on his resume, likes an outside post.
Race 9: No. 1 Rough It Up … very determined racer, will find a way to hit both trifecta and superfecta tickets.
Race 13: No. 1 Panem … should break sharp again from a favorable inside post position, rush to the early lead.

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