Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wheeling Hot Dogs ( as of August 22 )

Wayne Strong Kennel’s Shot At Stardom has six victories and a second in his last seven 3/8 starts (A, AA) for trainer Louise Strong.
            Bussmann Balakas Bocs Kennel’s Bob’s Cassie (AA) and Kiowa Super Sad (M, C, B) have three straight wins for trainer Chris Brill.
            Charter Kennel’s Rio Riverrunner has three victories and three seconds in his last six Grade AA races for trainer Dorothy Tober.
            Steubenville Kennel’s TMC’s X Factor has two wins and a second in his last three Grade AA 3/8 starts for trainer Wayne Piquette. Kennel-mate Kiowa Jordan Rae has back-to-back Grade AA victories.
            Valor Racing Kennel’s Bob Beckel has two wins and a second in his last three Grade AA trips for trainer James Roche. Kennel-mate Kiowa Salem has back-to-back victories (B, A).
            Clear The Way Kennel’s CTW Lyle Lyndon (AA) and Cry Australia (AA) have back-to-back wins for trainer Patrick Bever.
            Wayne Ward Kennel’s WW’s Cream Puff has two straight 3/8 victories (A, AA) for trainer Ron Otto. Kennel-mates WW’s McWarp (C, B, A) and WW’s Legacy (M, C, B) have captured three out of their last four outings.
            A Ray Kennel’s AMF Royal Lee has back-to-back 3/8 wins (B, A) for trainer Joe Palmer.
            Cardinal Kennel’s Kiowa Frank Sell has three straight victories (M, C, B) for trainer Jacob Schweizer.

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