Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Free Christmas Cash, Thurs., 12/19, Southland.


                               FREE CHRISTMAS CASH
                               BY PICK WINNERS OF
                               18 BIG ONES.

RACE 1, 6-8-3-2, ARKANS BD CHEEKS, Top inside rush to crush.

6 AND 9 on the Daily Double for you on Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 9-3-1-7, BELLA FREDRICK, Top outside closer in the Race.

RACE 3, 8-4-5-6, DISTANT DAYS, 3 straight improving Maiden Races.

RACE 4, 5-2-4-7, JSK CHA CHING, Grade drop, top Mid Track rush.

RACE 5, 5-4-1-6, MACKLEMORE, Top outside closer from Dubuque.

RACE 6, 8-4-6-1, GS DANNY LEE, Top outside rush and closer.

RACE 7, 3-2-8-7, KL'S RUTH, Grade drop, top outside closer in Race.

RACE 8, 8-1-2-5, THUNDERING CLARK, Best inside rush and closer.

RACE 9, 3-8-2-5, BELLA RAPID, Grade drop, recent Grade "A" Win.

RACE 10, 5-8-1-2, SLATEX ATHENS, Top inside rush for back to back Wins.

RACE 11, 8-7-1-3, FLYING DELAET, Top rush and closer, 7 goes inside.

RACE 12, 7-4-5-1, YAHOO ERNESTO, Double Grade drop, top rush.

RACE 13, 3-5-4-8, OSHKOSH QUILLA, Grade drop, best closer in Race.

RACE 14, 3-8-4-5, SURF ABOUT, Grade drop, recent Win at Grade "D".

RACE 15, 7-8-1-4, BEBOP EPISODE, Grade drop, top inside rush in Race.

RACE 16, 6-4-7-2, CBJ KITKAT, Best outside rush in Race for an 11th Win.

RACE 17, 7-6-5-3, KL'S LUCAS, Grade drop, best Mid Track closer in Race.

RACE 18, 6-5-7-1, AMF BAD BOUNCE, Top outside rush and closer in Race.  

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