Friday, December 13, 2013

Orange Park Tips 12/13 Evening

Friday, December 13, 2013  Evening
Best Bet (10-8) Pat C Gatsby - Won Easy in His Last Five Starts from This Post, Twin-Tr Key!
Best Shot (15-1) Fanatic Honey - Can Pay a Sweet Price in Back Half of Quiniela Double!
Spot Play (14-7) Party Pup - Wide Post Makes This Pup Key in Fist Half of Quiniela Double!

Courtesy of Orange Park Kennel Club 

Race 1
Grade D
660 Yds
Ptl SierraOne to Beat
ErmnineDistance Debut!
Ww's TravelingWide and Clear
Bay InvasionFlying Late
Quin or Tri Box3-7-8$6
Trifecta Wheel37/378/1378$8
Super Wheel37/37/18/18 or 78/78/13/13$4
Daily Double7/7, 7/6, 3/7, 3/6$8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
CayennehurricaneHurricane Warning!
Wild ThangSecond Again
Flying ZaphoornWide Speed
Amf BankerLate Super Run
Quin or Tri Box3-4-7$6
Trifecta Wheel47/347/3467$8
Super Wheel47/47/36/36 or 34/34/67/67$4
Race 2
Grade C
550 Yds
Tl Black BeautyBox to Wire!
Dutch StingerMajor Threat
D'bulls LizbethUpset Chance
Ww's RelativeIn Super Again
Quin or Tri Box5-6-7$6
Trifecta Wheel67/567/4567$8
Super Wheel67/67/45/45 or 57/57/46/46$4
Race 9
Grade B
660 Yds
C Ville MillieSteals the Lead
Amf Punk RockerIn Quiniela Again
Let's GetcrackinFurious Finish
Kiowa Brandy TimPost Advantage
Quin or Tri Box3-5-6$6
Trifecta Wheel36/356/2356$8
Super Wheel36/36/25/25 or 35/35/26/26$4
Race 3
Grade D
550 Yds
Tomco CruiserUpset Play
Jb's MadonnaOne to Catch
LocopokerIn Tri Again
Gs TebowWide Rush
Quin or Tri Box1-2-5$6
Trifecta Wheel15/125/1245$8
Super Wheel15/15/24/24 or 25/25/14/14$4
Race 10
Grade A
550 Yds
Pat C GatsbyLoves the Post!
Shootin OutlitesMajor Threat
Owe NomoOff Easy Win
Pat C Chip AhoyChips Away!
Quin or Tri Box1-2-8$6
Trifecta Wheel28/128/1238$8
Super Wheel28/28/13/13 or 18/18/23/23$4
Race 4
Grade M
550 Yds
Ww's RedbloodLongshot Play
Amf TankerFurious Finish!
Boc's Bk TorretoBetter Post
Pat C HavanaCuts to Rail
Quin or Tri Box2-4-7$6
Trifecta Wheel47/247/2478$8
Super Wheel47/47/28/28 or 27/27/48/48$4
Race 11
Grade A
660 Yds
Cayenne MadonnaFast Break!
Mv's Here AfterFollows Madonna
Gs SidneyFurious Finish
Mega QuandarySpeed to Clear
Quin or Tri Box1-2-5$6
Trifecta Wheel12/125/1257$8
Super Wheel12/12/57/57 or 15/15/27/27$4
Race 5
Grade B
550 Yds
Flying BadgerPost Advantage
Gs Not CrackerOne to Beat
Atascocita HempLate Drive
Ww's Abit TomuchSpeed to Clear
Quin or Tri Box1-3-6$6
Trifecta Wheel13/136/1367$8
Super Wheel13/13/67/67 or 16/16/37/37$4
Race 12
Grade B
550 Yds
Mulberry MorrisGets Loose!
BostonstrongsuzyOne to Beat
Barts SpicysauceBetter Post
Wsr Hunker DownReady for Return
Quin or Tri Box1-5-7$6
Trifecta Wheel57/157/1357$8
Super Wheel57/57/13/13 or 17/17/35/35$4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Hallo EmperorBox to Wire!
Franky DloughySecond Again
Ww's Best Of AllSlashes to Rail
Wv's Terra AltaFast Start
Quin or Tri Box1-7-8$6
Trifecta Wheel17/178/1478$8
Super Wheel17/17/48/48 or 18/18/47/47$4
Race 13
Grade C
550 Yds
Gs John BOff Game Effort
Amf Golden FishGrade Drop
Mega Funky TimeBreaks Better
You Win It AllLate Rail Run
Quin or Tri Box2-6-8$6
Trifecta Wheel68/268/2468$8
Super Wheel68/68/24/24 or 26/26/48/48$4
Race 7
Grade A
550 Yds
Ww's Pour It OnSix in a Row!
Pat C DudeOne Fast Dude!
Kay OutlawBetter Post
Flying DevlinFast Start
Quin or Tri Box1-4-6$6
Trifecta Wheel46/146/1246$8
Super Wheel46/46/12/12 or 16/16/24/24$4
Race 14
Grade D
550 Yds
Party PupWide and Clear
Trio SicksFlying Late
Cool TrickleUpset in Tri
Ww's Tear StripSpeed to Clear
Quin or Tri Box2-7-8$6
Trifecta Wheel78/278/2678$8
Super Wheel78/78/26/26 or 27/27/68/68$4
Quin Double2-7-8/1-2-3$18
Race 15
Grade C
660 Yds
Fanatic HoneyUpset Play
Ww's Work HourOne to Beat
Kiowa Tam TessFurious Finish
Saki DriveFast Start
Quin or Tri Box1-2-3$6
Trifecta Wheel12/123/1238$8
Super Wheel12/12/38/38 or 13/13/28/28$4

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