Friday, February 7, 2014

Stan's Wheeling picks for Friday matinee and evening Feb 7

Stan's Standouts

Friday matineeFebruary 7

Race 4: No. 5 WW’s Key Card … draws a favorable box to break quickly and get a clean run to the first turn.
Race 8: No. 1 Kiowa Tides Out … should get nice position early on the rail, good trifecta/superfecta ticket play.
Race 9: No. 7 Braska Bernie … look for the double grade dropper to get into the mix early from the outer box.
Race 13: No. 1 Craigie Douglas … has only missed the ticket once in eight starts from the one or two boxes.
Race 14: No. 5 Long Run Home … former top grade sprinter should go right to the lead, may be pressured late.

Friday eveningFebruary 7

Race 1: No. 8 WW’s Death Wish … look for the double grade dropper to be in the hunt around the first turn.
Race 2: No. 8 Dutch McBones … youngster out where he can make a clean rush to the turn, has some bottom.
Race 4: No. 3 WW’s Fuzzy … early speed merchant should steal several lengths early against this Grade B field.
Race 5: No. 1 AMF Spamwich … should stay down around the first turn, then put it in gear at the tote board.
Race 10: No. 1 Bob Beckel … grade dropper has four Grade AA victories while wearing the red blanket.

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