Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free $$$ World Series, Monday, 12/1, Hollywood.


                             HOLLYWOOD-MATINEE AND EVENING
                             FREE MONEY WORLD SERIES CONTEST
                             FOR PICKING WINNERS OF 18 BIG ONES.
                             $1,500.00 GUARANTEED PICK 4 ON THE
                             EVENING SHOW ON RACES 5 THROUGH 9.
                             TOP-3 COLLECT MONEY FOR FREE.
                             WE GO LIVE AT 5 PM EASTERN.


RACE 1, 4-6-2-8, PJ UR WELCOME, Best inside rush stops Maiden Madness.

RACE 2, 7-6-8-5, SUPERIOR RAWLINS, Top outside rush from Dubuque.

RACE 3, 4-8-7-5, SUPERIOR TYCOB, Best Mid Track rush from Dubuque.

RACE 4, 4-2-5-7, MM'S ELITE ELSIE, Top inside rush from Bella Infrared.

RACE 5, 2-6-4-8, AJ CHERAMIEAMOUR, Best Mid Track break and rush.

RACE 6, 8-2-4-1, AMF OVERSTATED, Best outside rush and closer.

RACE 7, 4-6-7-2, TATE STEVENS, Top inside rush, set-up by the 3 and 5.

RACE 8, 2-5-8-3, SUPERIOR OSMOSIS, Top inside rush and closer.

RACE 9, 1-2-5-6, JF THISISAUSTIN, Top inside rush from Dubuque, 2 wide.


RACE 1, 7-1-2-5, BARTS ABBEY ROAD, Best outside rush and closer.

RACE 2, 4-8-5-7, WAUBUN BOSS KATE, Top Mid Track rush and closer.

RACE 3, 3-2-7-4, MRL CALL ME TEX, Top Mid Track rush, 2 rail, 4 wide.

RACE 4, 1-7-6-3, ARKANS LILAH, Top inside break from Southland, 2 and 3 wide.

RACE 5, 5-8-6-2, REDNECK, Top outside rush and closer from Dubuque.

$1,500.00 GUARANTEED PICK 4, $16.00 play, 5-and-8, 5-and-4, 2-and-8, 2-and-1.

RACE 6, 5-4-7-2, ROC A BY PINATA, Top inside break and rush from Dubuque.

RACE 7, 2-8-5-4, MJT I'M NASTY, Best inside break and rush.

RACE 8, 2-1-3-5, SUPERIOR RAYLEN, Best inside rush from Dubuque.

RACE 9, 2-7-4-1, PJ OMAHA, Best inside rush and closer from Southland.

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