Saturday, July 25, 2015

Randy's Dog Dandy's, Tri State, Sunday, 7/26.

SLASH THE RATES TO WHERE THE RACING IS GREAT AT TRI STATE. BIGJACKPOTBETTING.COM, WHERE WINNING HAPPENS. TRI STATE-EVENING 91 PERCENT PAYBACK TO YOU ON WIN, PLACE AND SHOW IN EACH OF 16 BIG SUPERFECTA RACES. A PICK 4 SCORE ON RACES 13 THROUGH 16. WE GO LIVE AT 7 PM EASTERN. RACE 1, 5-3-6-8, GF ARTURO, Triple Grade drop, top inside rush. 5 AND 2 ON THE DAILY DOUBLE FOR YOU ON RACES 1 AND 2. RACE 2, 2-4-6-7, SOLERA BALDE, Top inside rush from Wheeling. RACE 3, 4-3-1-5, B'S SOFT LANDING, Double Grade drop, top rush. RACE 4, 1-5-7-3, CG'S FACEBOOK, Grade drop, recent "D" Win. RACE 5, 7-5-6-8, RWC TALLAHASSEE, Grade drop, top rush and closer. RACE 6, 8-5-2-4, ISLAND MAGIC, Top outside rush and closer from Southland. RACE 7, 3-5-1-2, MAC'S BRAVERTON, Double Grade drop, top closer. RACE 8, 2-3-8-4, SE'S FIG SPEED, Grade drop, top inside rush and closer. RACE 9, 7-5-4-6, KAY LEE LARA, Double Grade drop, top outside break. RACE 10, 1-4-5-6, SE'S FIG TREE, Double Grade drop, set-up by the 2 and 3. RACE 11, 1-7-2-5, JA'S APPRAISER, Grade drop, top inside rush, 2 Mid Track. RACE 12, 7-2-1-4, GLS PETROLEUM, Grade drop, top outside rush and closer. RACE 13, 3-7-8-1, MIVANA, Double Grade drop, top inside rush. PICK 4, $16.00 play, 3-and-7, 3-and-4, 1-and-3, 7-and-8. RACE 14, 3-4-1-2, RICO'S RODEO, Top inside break and rush. RACE 15, 1-3-7-4, MAC'S LORRAINE, Grade drop, top inside rush, 2 Mid Track. RACE 16, 7-8-6-3, MAC'S WESTCLIFF, Top outside break for 5 straight Wins.

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