Saturday, August 29, 2015

How To Pick Winning Dogs Time After Time

By Eb Netr
Is your luck at the track hit or miss? Do you do really well one day and not so good the next day? Have you given up on trying to figure out why you win - or, more importantly - why you lose? If that's the case, maybe this article will help you change all that.
Greyhound handicapping isn't an exact science. We all know that. But there ARE things you can do to become better at it, no matter how long you've been failing at it. Even if you have almost no days when you pick the right dogs, if you put some time and effort into learning to really analyze the most important factors in a race, you'll be surprised at how much better you'll do.
First of all, stop thinking that it's luck that's controlling whether you win or lose. Of course, luck has something to do with that. But it's only a very small part of winning at the dog track. The biggest part is developing a system that works and sticking to it. Failing to do this is the biggest reason people can't consistently win at the greyhound track.
Think about it, if you don't focus on what works but instead keep trying different techniques that you hear about or that you think of on the spur of the moment, how in the world can you expect to win? Start with a good foundation, then build on it. If you're really intelligent and good at figuring things out, spend a lot of time and effort and really study the races until you come up with your own personal greyhound handicapping system.
If you don't have that much time or have never been able to figure out the races, don't keep wasting your time. Find a mentor, someone to guide you. Or, if you don't have the thousands of dollars that mentors charge, stay within your budget with a good system instead. You can find them on the net for as little as twenty dollars or as much as a couple of thousand dollars. Just stay within your means. Don't ever spend more than you feel you should.
You can also find free tips on the net, but I think we know that the old saying is true: you get what you pay for. If you're not willing to pay at least a token amount, you're not really serious about winning. Once you find a method, don't bust right into it. Any method worth its salt will tell you right up front that it won't automatically guarantee you'll become a super handicapper overnight.
Even with a good handicapping system, you have to take your time, learn the method, and most of all, learn how to apply it at the tracks you play. All tracks have their quirks and you have to take this into account so that you can customize your way of playing to fit the circumstances. Track bias, quality and consistency of the dogs and several other factors have a big effect on race results.
Start out slowly. Learn the ropes. Most of all, when you've learned to pick more winners, be consistent. Don't jump around from one thing to another. This - plus a good handicapping system - is the secret to how to pick winning dogs, time after time.
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