Monday, May 16, 2016

Greyhound Racing Exploding on the Internet

That’s right Greyhound Racing is in the midst of a huge expansion on the Internet and most everyone is missing it, even industry professionals. Ask any racetrack official or greyhound handler about the expansion of Greyhound Racing on the Internet and you are very likely to get a blank stare. The ongoing growth of Greyhound Racing on the Internet is happening right now and those that should be aware of it are not.

How is this stealth growth in Greyhound Racing even possible?  Well to start with most everyone in the Greyhound Industry had a preconceived notion that Greyhound Racing was not well suited for the Internet for many reasons including an ageing customer base, that might not be computer savvy and an unfavorable tax rate that pays a very small percentage of Internet bets back to the tracks. With these two issues alone many in the industry gave the Internet little or no attention. Also in play was the overwhelming negative attitude that Greyhound Racing was in decline and nothing could recapture the popularity it once had. In fact this narrative is being pushed today by groups interested in closing down the industry even as the latest wagering reports are showing tracks with wagering on certain days reaching levels not seen in fifteen years.

The website is at the forefront of this greyhound racing revival.  Broadcasting live hosted greyhound racing from a number of tracks has proven to be a popular forum for many players but the addition of numerous free money handicapping contests has really caught on with both the established players and more importantly a whole new b reed of player that are being introduced to Greyhound Racing for the first time. These contests started out with a few loyal players in them but have recently grown to nearly 800 people handicapping and watching the greyhound races. This number of players is growing every week and nowhere else in the industry are these numbers of new fans being introduced to the sport. In fact go to any OTB Facility in the country and you will not approach the number of players that participate in our weekly contests.

The process of cultivating new players must start somewhere and the contests on the Internet and the $10,000 World Series of Greyhound Handicapping is the perfect venue for teaching new fans about racing. As new player’s transition to betting real money at the tracks and the number of online players continues to grow the industry will be forced to realize what is happening right before their own eyes.  Stop in and sign up for the next contest and win some money and have some fun.

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