Thursday, March 16, 2017

$50,000.00 Arthur J. Rooney, Sr. St. Patrick's Invitational, Palm Beach, Saturday, 3/18.

$50,000.00 STAKES TITLE, $10,000.00 GUARANTEED PICK 4.

                                  PALM BEACH-MATINEE
                                  $50K ARTHUR J. ROONEY SR
                                  ST PATRICK'S INVITATIONAL
                                  CHAMPIONSHIP ON RACE 12.
                                  $10K GUARANTEED PICK 4
                                  ON RACES 9 THROUGH 12.
                                  3 BET 3'S THAT START ON
                                  RACES 3, 7 AND 12. PLUS,
                                  TWIN TRIFECTA HEAVEN ON
                                  RACES 5 AND 7. A 770 YARD
                                  MARATHON ON THE DIXIE
                                  COURSE ON RACE 15.
                                  WIN 15 ALL SUPERFECTA'S.
                                  WE GO LIVE AT 1 PM EASTERN.

RACE 1, 8-5-4-7, PAT C JOLENE H, Grade drop, top outside rush, recent "B" Win.


RACE 2, 2-3-1-6, AMF PREPOSTEROUS, Top inside closer for back to back Wins.

RACE 3, 2-6-4-5, B ALLSTAR GARTH, Grade drop, top inside break and rush.

BET 3, 2-6-1.

RACE 4, 6-2-1-5, HI NOON VORTEX, Top Mid Track break and rush for a 14th Win.

RACE 5, 1-6-8-3, JS BORN LUCKY, Grade drop, top inside break, 2 wide.

RACE 6, 7-1-2-4, TURBO LEN'S KEN, Best outside break and rush for an 11th Win.

RACE 7, 1-3-4-8, UNSPOKEN, Double Grade drop, best inside break.

BET 3, 1-8-5.

RACE 8, 1-8-3-7, CENTEX TOP MODEL, Top inside break and rush, 2 wide.

RACE 9, 2-5-6-3, ICE BUSTER, Best inside rush for a 15th Win.

$10K GUARANTEED PICK 4, $16.00 play, 2-and-5, 7-and-1, 7-and-1, 7-and-1.

RACE 10, 7-1-5-8, CBJ ST PATTY, Top outside break and rush for an 11th Win.

RACE 11, 7-1-2-8, BS VENTURE, Grade drop, top outside rush, recent "B" Win.

RACE 12, 7-1-3-4, JANICE DEAN, Should own the outside to Win the Triple Crown.

BET 3, 7-2-4.

RACE 13, 2-6-4-1, JS OUTLAW LEGEND, Best inside rush for a 13th Win.

RACE 14, 4-5-1-8, ATASCOCITA CAMRY, Top Mid Track rush.

RACE 15, 4-7-5-2, DUTCH MCGUIRE, Top Marathon rush and closer.                              

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