Thursday, November 19, 2020

$100,000.00 "Legacy Grand Championship", Round Two, Palm Beach, Saturday, 11/21, live 1 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 4-6-3-8, FF BOSSHARD BOG, Top Mid Track rush from Wheeling.


RACE 2, 4-2-5-8, KEEP ON ROCKIN, Top inside closer for an 8th Win.

RACE 3, 3-1-7-4, FLYING PANAMA, Grade "A" Hound drops down to Win.

BET 3, 3-1-5.  

RACE 4, 1-3-7-4, JAX BLOW POP, Top inside rush for a 9th Win.

RACE 5, 5-2-7-1, AMF HILL DWELLER, Grade drop, top rush, recent "D" Win.

RACE 6, 2-1-6-7, BARTS SEA HAWK, Top close for back to back Stakes Wins.

RACE 7, 7-8-1-5, HIDDEN VALLEY, Grade drop, top Mid Track rush and closer.

BET 3, 7-1-4.

RACE 8, 1-2-4-6, CBJ MARTINA, Top inside break, well positioned.

RACE 9, 4-2-6-1, BOISE, Top inside rush for a Track leading 14th Win.

PICK 4, 4-and-2, 2-and-3, 3-and-7, 2-and-8.

RACE 10, 2-3-7-6, OSHKOSH THRILLER, Top inside rush for 4 straight Wins.

RACE 11, 3-7-5-1, JD REVERENCE, Top rush for back to backs Wins from Iowa.

RACE 12, 2-8-6-3, STEVE FLEMMI, Top inside rush for back to back Stakes Wins.

BET 3, 2-6-8.

RACE 13, 6-3-4-2, JD ANDROID, Top rush and close from Iowa.

RACE 14, 8-2-4-3, KBJ POWERPLAY, Top outside rush for 5 straight Wins, 7 inside.

RACE 15, 2-6-1-7, BUG BRUSH, Top inside rush for 7 straight Wins from Southland.   

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