Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Randy's Dog Dandy's, Tri State, Thursday, 7/29, live 7 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 2-3-4-6, NUTTON BETTER, Double "A" Hound, top closer.


RACE 2, 2-4-6-5, SUPERIOR TOPAZ, Top break stops Maiden Madness.

RACE 3, 5-7-2-8, AB LINX, Triple Grade drop, set-up by the 4 and 6.

RACE 4, 2-3-5-7, TESSA RIDER, Grade drop, top rush from Southland.

RACE 5, 1-5-7-8, JS SHOOTING STAR, Top inside rush and closer.

RACE 6, 2-7-5-3, LR IRIS, Double "A" Hound, top break, set-up by 1 and 3.

RACE 7, 4-3-2-7, FF CADILLAC, Grade drop, top rush, recent "B" Win.

RACE 8, 8-5-7-3, SUPERIOR ARLA, Best outside break for a third Win.

RACE 9, 3-2-8-6, MO'S LIVE OAK, Double Grade drop, top break and rush.

RACE 10, 5-4-7-3, BARTS TIMEGOESBY, Grade drop, top close from Wheeling.

RACE 11, 1-5-7-8, JA'S PENNYS, Grade drop, top inside break, set-up by 2 and 3.

RACE 12, 5-1-6-2, KBJ POWERPLAY, Best break and rush for a 16th Win.

RACE 13, 4-3-8-2, MAC'S LAUDER, Triple Grade drop, top rush and closer.

PICK 4, 4-and-3, 2-and-5, 8-and-7, 1-and-3.

RACE 14, 2-5-7-1, I CAN DO THIS, Double Grade drop, top break, recent "B" Win.

RACE 15, 8-7-4-6. SVEDKA, Top rush and closer from Southland, 6 and 7 inside. 

RACE 16, 1-3-6-2, FGF JANET, Best inside rush for three straight Wins.       

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