Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Randy's Dog Dandy's, Tri State, Thursday, 8/12, live 7 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 8-1-6-5, TURBO DAVE, Top outside rush stops Maiden Madness.


RACE 2, 6-5-8-2, FLYING HERMES, Grade drop, top break from Southland.

RACE 3, 7-4-2-1, MR. FAHRENHEIT, Triple Grade drop, top break and rush.

RACE 4, 3-5-4-8, TURBO RAYO, Top inside break and rush to crush.

RACE 5, 7-8-6-4, SNL BESTKINDABAD, Grade drop, top outside rush.

RACE 6, 2-7-6-4, LK'S PASS ON BYE, Grade drop, top rush, recent "C" Win.

RACE 7, 6-3-2-7, FLYING ZEUS, Grade drop, top rush and closer.

RACE 8, 5-1-7-8, SUPER C KRYSTAL, Triple Grade drop, top rush and closer.

RACE 9, 4-3-5-8, COACH KEEGAN, Double Grade drop, top break a 4th Win.

RACE 10, 5-3-1-8, RAIDER ASSAULT, Triple Grade drop, recent "C" Win.

RACE 11, 8-1-2-5, MO'S LIVE OAK, Grade drop, top rush, set-up by the 7. 

RACE 12, 4-1-3-7, JS PUMPEDUPKICKS, Top break for back to back Wins.

RACE 13, 4-1-6-5, KL'S MONEY, Triple Grade drop, top rush and closer.

PICK 4, 4-and-1, 7-and-2, 1-and-3, 3-and-1.

RACE 14, 7-2-1-6, COACH ENERGIZER, Double Grade drop, top rush and closer.

RACE 15, 1-3-4-8, SHISMAR, Grade drop, top inside break and rush for a 7th Win.

RACE 16, 3-1-6-5, CET DIRTY DAN, Top break and rush for a 23rd Win.  

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